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dedicated to providing for critically ill infants and their families
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Why the Butterfly as a Symbol for Julie's Mission ??

Julie�s condition worsened and exploratory surgery could not be postponed. It was during this procedure that the doctors realized what a fight Julie had given but it was never meant to be.  We all said our goodbyes and Julie completed her mission here on earth.  The dazed and distraught parents held each other while staring blankly out of the second story hospital window.  From out of nowhere a lone butterfly appeared and danced and fluttered for a while.  The butterfly is the symbol for baby or re-birth.  For always, to them a butterfly will be a message from Julie.    I am happy, I am free and we will meet again.

Julie�s Mission, with the help of volunteers, would sew, knit, crochet and craft needed items for newborns and their families which are not generally available in NICUs and neonatal nurseries in time of crisis and confusion.  Each completed item would be �signed� with a butterfly.  From Julie.

Volunteers sew and attach butterflies.