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dedicated to providing for critically ill infants and their families
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Love Hugs-hugged and held onto by mothers and then placed in the incubator next to their infant to comfort them with their mother's scent.
Memory envelope - Holds memories of their infant (lock of hair, birth certificate, bracelet, etc. ).
Memory Layette - Little girl dress or little boy  sac.
 Incubator toppers - warms babies and brightens up NICU nurseries. NOT totally light canceling
Knitted or crocheted hats and blankets - warms babies.
Cuddler (Demise) - Papoose design.  All white, satin-fleece lined. Closed at bottom.
Blessing Cloth - For emergency christenings, namings or blessings.
Little Boy's Sac or Basic Memory Gown for girls