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To all the angels at Julie's Mission,
I truly cannot begin to express to you what a difference you are making in the lives of our NICU families. The gowns and blankets are so beautiful and they help bring comfort and normalcy to a heart wrenching situation. When your beautiful gowns are placed on a sick infant for baptism or end of life holding and pictures, the harshness of the NICU wires and tubes are covered with beauty and for probably the first time, the parents get to do a normal activity with their precious child; they get the opportunity to dress their baby. I have also used your wonderful blankets for beautiful pictures and for wrapping a sweet baby with warmth to spend their last moments in the arms of their parents. The parents treasure these blankets and outfits as items that actually touched and comforted their infant. They are proof that their child really existed and really mattered and really will be missed forever. They have something they can hold on to when they no longer have their precious baby to fill the emptiness in their arms and hearts. Thank you for your time, talent, and love you put into this blessed work.

With heartfelt thanks,
Shelly Thress, RN at Christiana NICU


Just got the shipment- thank you so much! The blessing cloths are beautiful, and I�m sure our families will appreciate them. I love the �love hugs,� and our staff is really excited about using them. I�m sure I�ll be asking you for more in the future.

Laurie Chameides,   Mt. Sinai Hospital


I just wanted to send you a note and let you know how completely overwhelmed I was by the incredible shipment of beautiful treasures you sent us. Each item was clearly made with such compassion and love. We feel so blessed to have these beautiful things to share with families who have delivered a critically ill infant or experiencing the pain of losing their precious baby. Many, many thanks from all of us at Greenville Hospital System for the incredible work you do.

All my best,



Rachel Balck, Ed,D.

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