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From my first gift box from you and your volunteers I hoarded a beautiful satin dress made from a wedding gown that had pearls and lace. It was for a baby about 4 lbs . I felt like I would never see one again that was that beautiful so I hid it for the right person. I used it two weeks ago. The mom had a placental abruption and she and the baby both "bled out". The perfect baby was born still and the mother was sent to ICU. The doctors were unsure if she would survive. I was determined to take the baby to her, and this baby was the baby for that dress. The mom couldn't speak or sit up but she stroked the dress. The next day I took her again and the mom was able to sit up a little and I placed the baby in the crook of her arm. The third day I took the baby up and mom was sitting upright. She was weak but able to talk and we did all the things we would have normally done right after the birth. All the family came. When they all went home she said she was ready to say goodbye and said she really wanted the dress but didn't want the baby to be naked. So I got another outfit, put a tub of warm soapy water between her legs and I supported the little angel so her mom could bathe her. We dried her and her mom was able to do the only baby care she would ever do with her daughter. She put on a diaper and dressed her in a sleeper. She wrapped her in new blankets and gave her a kiss before presenting her to me to take. The dress made for a princess was magical, and can you imagine how precious it now is to the mother and father? Whomever so delicately stitched it should know how well worthwhile their efforts are!
Laura Stutzman
SMH Women's and Children's Services
Family Resource Coordinator

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I just wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude. Our daughter  was born on June 29, 2012. She weighed 1 lb 3 oz and was 12.5 inches long. Although we brought clothes for her, they were much too large. Our nurses (at Johns Hopkins Hospital) allowed us to select one of the beautifully handmade options that you donated. She was beautiful and I'm so thankful that she made it to Heaven's gates in something so beautifully made.

Thank you again for your hard work. It is much appreciated.�

With Love,
Names withheld